EVEMASTER:Lacrimae Mundi -cd-

Finnish band EVEMASTER hails from Espoo and . . . hey, wait a minute ? Didn't Espoo got already famous by another Finnish band entitled CHILDREN OF BODOM ? Well, it seems as if the area of Espoo is very fruitful as concerns the aspect of music - EVEMASTER aren't any exception to this statement. Musical mastermind Tomi Mykkänen (all instruments) and singer Jarno Taskula may already be known to some of you because of their "In Thine Majesty"-demo that already got a very positive acceptance. Nevertheless I am sure that "Lacrimae Mundi" will at least cause the same great acceptance around EVEMASTER - 45+ minutes of music featuring seven tracks which begin to enchant you with the first tunes already aren't standard in this genre. Playing a mixture of Melodic Black Metal with slight Death Metal-influences and using aggressive but also choir-like arrangements in a way I haven't heard it before make this band to a special hint. I am really asking myself why I haven't heard of this band (and especially this material) before as EVEMASTER combine brutality and intensity paired with lyrics which were inspired by nature, poems and general literature. Okay, there may be some bands that have already tried this but I don't know of many that have solved this difficult task. EVEMASTER - just to anticipate my final evaluation of this record - have solved it and songs like the opening "Pandemonium", "Whispers" or especially "Embraced" contain some elements I thought that were lost in today's avalanche of new (and mostly average) releases. Also other songs like "Archways", the title-track, Epistelium (the storm rises) (another highlight on "Lacrimae Mundi") and the finishing "Equinox" takes you into a world of coldness but also into a world of atmospheric tuns - Finland maybe ? Anyway, what EVEMASTER have brought to us with this debut-album must be settled on a level that many other bands even don't reach with their third album - I am really wondering myself why this band hasn't attracted the attention of bigger labels yet as they are clearly better than their Finnish mates CHILDREN OF BODOM or DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED . . . "Strange !?" you think ? Then have a look at (and especially a listen into) "Lacrimae Mundi" and get the proof of what I am currently wriing about - this album has enchanted me and, to be honest, I really don't want to break loose from it ! Explore "Lacrimae Mundi" and discover that you've found a new favourite band from Finland, just as I've discovered it!!! (8/10) (Nightside mag.)


Evemaster are coming from Finland and this is a promo tape of their forthcoming CD. Well listen to this. If the CD is half as good as this tape is, then... it is going to be a killer. These guys from Scandinavia are playing brutal metal, but yet they manage to mix the brutal vocals and Black / Death music with some more traditional Thrash elements and some atmospheric passages. The voice is excellent and they succesfully mix the brutal vocals with some normal singing in some of their songs. Certainly one of the best demos ever arrived at this fanzine. If you have the chance to listen their CD "Lacrimae Mundi" don't miss it! (8/10) (Tombstone fanzine)


Having read this album's title, _Lacrimae Mundi_, I expected to find some sort of doom metal. (I think the title can be translated into "world of tears", or something similar.) Instead, this turned out to be a good piece of melodic blackened metal with keyboards and a strong Swedish influence (even though Evemaster are Finnish). Still, there's quite a few doomy melodies in several songs, and the anguished black vocals contribute for such an atmosphere as well; plus, the last track, "Equinox Nocturne", is indeed black/doom (even though it also includes some clean vocals) -- and very good, too. Nevertheless, doom is by no means the dominating style here -- most of the music is fast and based upon catchy riffs and melodies, reminding me a bit of Ablaze My Sorrow's _If Emotions Still Burn_. The first three tracks are remarkably good, and the rest of the album doesn't let down as it leads to the doomy final track I mentioned, which closes the album very well. Evemaster's style isn't exactly very original, but that's something common enough to go nearly unnoticed these days, and _Lacrimae Mundi_ is quite a good album. (8/10) (Chronicles of Chaos)


The current black metal movement is impressive. Amazing bands are appearing worldwide (mainly in Europe) and some of them surprise by the high level of the technique on music. Another besides the technique involved brings a lot of class and melody. I'm not saying that the most agressive and fast bands are bad, a lot on the contrary (i love these bands also). But the evolution and diversification among the bands (some sounding melodic and technical, others sounding agressive and violent) is the key to make a musical movement to last for much time. Evemaster belongs to the legion of melodic bands. With a melancholic, but agressive, sound, the group opens their work with Pandemonium, mixing weight and melody as well. Another highlight goes to Whispers, in which the vocalist J. Taskula distills agony in his screams. The band is formed by Taskula and T. Mykkänen, who is responsible for the arrangements and compositions (the group used several studio musicians to conclude the work). This is one of the best debut albums of black metal i heard recently. If you are a fan of the style, don't waste your time. You won't be sorry in knowing Evemaster. (4/5) (Renegade)


Evemaster play something called technic and fast but yet so melodic dark metal, with a slight blackish sound in it. I can't compare Evemaster to any other dark/black metal bands and the reason must be that their style and technic is pretty unique. Evemaster uses several other musicians in their work, especially in Lacrimae Mundi (1998), which is their newest and their only album. I just can't name any other bands' first album releases, that achives so high as Lacrimae Mundi. It's a masterpiece from the first track to the last one. A real musical experience what you can't leave unexperienced. The demo, In Thine Majesty (1996), is alike same stuff what the album offers, so you won't be disappointed if you buy it. Evemaster's lyrics are inspired by poems, literature, nature and other alike things (great result by the way). So, nothing bad to say about Evemaster? Nope. Ei. Nada. Nicht. Considering the skill level of Evemaster, don't waste your time. Try Evemaster as soon as possible. You won't be disappointed if you're friend of dark metal. FRANANG: Evemaster's debut album is a mix between melodic death metal and the actual symphonic B.M. trend. For the melodic D.M. side, Evemaster really sounds like Swedish movement: thin and clear guitars with lots of melodies and good solos. For the symphonic B.M. face, this band is also closed to the last Dimmu Borgir's album. And here is the side I can't enjoy!!! But anyway, the voice is totally mastered and intonation looks like Sweden melodic D.M. or even Dimmu Borgir's "Devil's Path" - again! But what is interesting with the singer is that he's able to reach the Heavy Metal bounds. When it comes to the music; as I wrote it earlier, there are structured and technical guitar parts and the tempo is almost slow. Some songs of this band could be compared with what Sentenced or Dark Tranquillity are used to playing. (Decayed Realm)


This band's rather odd sounding demo was appealing to me after a few listens and their CD with their continuation of their odd style just perfected further they call their style dark metal a moniker slipped onto everything that fits not under any others this is mainly like the more keyboardy kind of black metal mixed with heavy metal although I suspect it's partly to distance themselfes from black metal that they call it dark metal this is a great CD really and if you can find which might prove difficult since it's a rather small Finnish label but give it a shot. A.C. Music: 4/5 Sound: 3.5/5 (Crimson)


EVEMASTER is a very cool Metal duo which is taking influences from various styles as Death, atmospheric Black and Heavy Metal. They are very strong on writing catchy structures. Vocals arrangements are very impressive with a great mixture of harsh, almost Black Metal and clean vocals. Musically speaking, the Finn's (yeah, they're from finland) are keeping the music mostly at medium pace with a few selected in your face, full of anger speed parts. The use of synthesisers is no longer original, but in this case, it's definitely enjoyable as it is used to create a few atmospheres and not always present, too loud and over abused!!! There is also a few excellent piano parts worth the price of the CD alone... Yes, indeed, this is a great album!!! RECOMMENDED!!! (5/6) (Soundscape)


This is the first release that comes to my hands from this (to me) unknown Finnish label. From the finish-ing finnish (I am a funny guy, yes? :)) lands hail these two guys along with a few session musicians to scream out the hatred they inbreed within. Yes, their desperate vocals and passionate riffs give their music a dark and suicidal atmosphere that makes your bones tremble. There are some calmer parts however, as the clear vocals in 'Pandemonium' and 'Embraced' or the Iron-Maiden-esque chorus of 'Whispers', a classic Heavy Metal influence that also flourishes in 'Archways'. The intensity of the recording is undeniable, yet some parts make it more tasty such as the keyboards of 'Equinox Nocturne' or the violins and war soundtrack that appears in 'Lacrimae Mundi'. All in all, a good load of half-Swedish styled half-Maiden-esque aggressive metal from the master of eves.(7/10) (Metalzin)


Excellent black metal here, with a very epic feel. The vocals are hoarse rather than screamed, and are really quite unique on the slower parts. The "build up" to the fast drum parts is very well done, imparting a definite feel of the approaching climax. There are some small similarities to Dark Tranquillity in the guitar section, and occasionally in the vocals too, but nothing to endanger the originality of the band. The overall level is quite high, production, technique, composition, etc. I haven't seen the cover so I can't comment on that. I should probably also say that I'm not generally a big black metal fan, and in my view these guys are injecting some much needed new blood. (Lykos)


Evemaster are a mixture between Iron Maiden and a Black Metal band, if you can imagine that. If you think about the difference between Cradle Of Filth and Hecate Enthroned (both reviewed in Attitude), then Evemaster are one step more accessible than the latter. It's the same style of music but slightly more commercial, melodic, easier to understand, and "fun"; the repeated harmonies of "hallowed be thy name" in 'Whispers' are a prime example. All the backround atmospheric keyboards are there, but they don't take over, instead a more guitar and vocal driven approach is taken. The drumming, so often a major drawback on Black Metal, is actually really good. It doesn't try to take over or pummel you with double bass drums, instead going for a more traditional rhythmic approach. In fact, everything fits together really well. I'm not sure how much time they actually had in the studio to record and mix this, but although the general production is good, it could be better. This doesn't detract from the songs though, their strength shines through nonetheless. 'Archways' is a high energy rollercoaster of a song. Again it has clean vocals at points, atmospheric keyboards, a good structure, and generally is a good song. This and 'Whispers' are probably the best tracks on the album, while the epic sounding 'Lacrimae Mundi' doesn't quite seem to cut the mustard. (Attitude)


First that all I want to give thanks to Jarno Taskula and to EVEMASTER, because at the moment that I listened their band they opened my head to this music type, the Dark Metal, I am not a person that is identified with this style, but I want to say that every time that I have the opportunity to put in my CD player an album, is "Lacrimae Mundi" the elect. J. Taskula (Vocals) and T. Mykkänen (Music) are the owners of EVEMASTER. They started in 1996 and they have a demo with three compositions and this current album with seven songs. "Lacrimae Mundi" CD is the continuation of their previous work (="In Thine Majesty" demo), but I will say, improved by 100%, the style is not just Dark, it incorporates epic elements, incredible melodies and some wonderful, very beautiful, very poetic lyrics. This CD has the true force that is needed in Metal... really I don't know what more to say, they left me immobile... their album has already become one of my favorite ones, you must buy it!!!!! As I already said it has seven compositions, "Pademonium", "Whispers" that is my favorite one i listen to it five times a day and it doesn't bore me, they are incredible the choirs with clean voice, where their says ' Hallowed be thy name', great song, "Embraced", "Archways", "Lacrimae Mundi" of their demo, "Epistelium" also from the previous tape and "Equinox Nocturne". Other musicians that helped this duet to conclude their album are A. Kippo (Keyboards), M. Lindberg (Clean Vocals), Nazgul von Armageddon (Vocals) and T. Laihanen (Guitar). "Lacrimae Mundi" is a very professional CD. It includes seven songs. Well, EVEMASTER are an unknown band, but i think that they will be a great band on the world!!! (Rotten)


Evemaster makes a comeback with their first CD which totally rules!! There songs are in the same vein as in their very successful demo and there are even some of their demo songs included in this recording. One of the best vocals I've heard for a long time, slightly distorted guits, excellent keyboards and very good drumming. 45 minutes of absolute divine black orientated metal. A must!! (9/10) (Frozen Hell)


Pretty good indeed, 7 songs of epic and melodic dark/black metal, maybe something on the CD can be said to be in the vein of Solefald (but not as good). Anyway, it's not very typical Finnish metal at all, the sound is OK, but could have been better of course and I mean the guitar specially as it's too thin and not good sounding at all. It's pretty original stuff to say the least so I will advise you to get hold of a copy if you're searching for something special to add to your collection, it's yours for only 80FIM, 16USD or 26DM and 17USD elsewhere (Oskerei)


Espoolainen Evemaster on julkaissut ensimmäisen albuminsa ja täytyy myöntää, että munaa ja erinomaisia biisejä löytyy. Tämä seitsemän biisin ja 45 minuutin kalmalta tuoksuva teos on näillä leveyspiireillä erikoista herkkua, sillä harvoin tälläista pakkausta saa käteensä ja varsinkin kotimaista. Melodiset kitarat ja tyly kirkunaraspilaulu luovat voimakkaan mättökentän a'la In Flames & Gates of Isthar, jossa kukaan ei ole turvassa. Vaikka Lappeenrannan nuori ihme Anssi Kippo (mm. Children of Bodom, Gandalf) on tehnyt Astia-studiossaan kiitettävää työtä, on albumissa havaittavissa hieman tunkkainen soundi. Kokeile biiseillä: 'Pandemonium', 'Whispers' ja 'Lacrimae Mundi', jos löydät paikkakuntasi levykaupasta. (9/10) (SFP)


Evemaster is a (rather) new promising band from the backwoods of Espoo... They play melodic dark metal with slight "heavymetalish" flavour. At first when I listened 'Lacrimae..', I did not like it.. It required couple of listens to me to get into Evemasters rather original sound. CD starts with Pandemonium, a very melodic track with clear singing in parts. Next is Whispers being more black metal hymn with strong emphasis on the gloomy atmosphere. 'Embraced' the next track in row starts with organ/piano, male choirs in the background, sorrowful singing opens the way to riffing remiscent of Katatonia, a very emotional track. Haunting synths accompanied with furious riffing is what 'Archways is about (straight BM). Then comes a ambient part with thunder and rain, only to be crushed by another BM attack with clear singing. The title-track 'Lacrimae Mundi' starts with slow doomy riffing, shrieking, almost insane BM vocals create nice eerie atmosphere which is carried troughout this track. The storm rises literally in next track 'Epistelium' with heartbeating as intro, again fast somber Black Metal with nice haunting groove.. Very slow and doomy song, 'Equinox Nocturne' ends the CD with very eerie atmosphere created with piano and acoustic guitar.. Bone chilling monologue is shrieked from the shadows. Truly frightening track (maybe the best song of this darkly atmospheric album). Now about the pro's and con's : Strong points are the atmosphere and originality of the compositions. Also clean singed vocals reserve a mention. Neg. points : Somewhat low quality mixing/sounds (studio's fault?). Drumming in some parts is too 'sloppy'/incompetent especially in the faster tracks. BM vocals in some parts are maybe too 'hysteric' and lose their edge. But if we forget these little faults, 'Lacrimae Mundi' is un-usually honest and quality music, it is evident that these guys are not "trend-mongers", rather they create true Black Art in musical form. I can foresee bright (or dark would be more appropiate) future for Evemaster. I suggest that all Black metallers and other dark musick fans check this out! (9-/10) (Sub Fennica)


Evemaster! Hmm, how's that for a band-name. I would certainly think of something closer to gothic metal. And that's exactly what this is not. Hmm again, I don't think technical death metal in the vein of Dark Tranquillity is exactly what gothic metal is not, right? So, forget about that. If I'm correct, Evemaster from Finland has invited Michael Stanne from Sweden to do the vocals. But there was no such information included. Maybe I wasn't right after all. What I am right about is me liking the music. OK, not as technical as a Dark Tranquillity out there, but there's no need for an exact copy of that master-band either. So, imagine a less technical work with just as intense vocals (though I'm not too sure about the effects vocal-wise!). I think this album works well, and I'm sure if they include more variation next time that album will most likely be closer to a masterpiece. Oh, what about the rumour of a drum-machine? Heh, I don't give a fuck. Limbonic Art uses a drum-machine and that's just superbly excellent by me! (4.5 / 7) (Imhotep)


A Finnish duo playing a quite melodic mix of death/black metal. This is not a groundbreaking release, but it has it's moments where they get the riffs to fit where they should. What is the mistakes is that the production is a bit messy, and the sound seems very chaotic at times. Also some of the song material is a bit boring, but they have some very good tracks in the first 2 songs "Pandemonium" and "Whispers". Well, I can't think of much more to say about this album. I doubt very much it will make a big stir in the scene, but also, it is enjoyable at times. (5 / 10) (Aftermath)


Black metal with all the elements is the main plate here served by EVEMASTER. This name have made quite a sensation in the underground scene, and finally I got to hear them. The tracks are all very expressive, and well conducted. The vocals sometimes get some melody, mostly during chorus, and hopefully in the future during the rest of the songs, interacting with the screaming ones. As for the production, is very wide and clear. Dark people of the world unite, and preach the word of EVEMASTER. (3 / 5) (Panzer Mag.)


Excellent black metal here, with a very epic feel. The vocals are hoarse rather than screamed, and are really quite unique on the slower parts. The "build up" to the fast drum parts is very well done, imparting a definite feel of the approaching climax. There are some small similarities to Dark Tranquillity in the guitar section, and occasionally in the vocals too, but nothing to endanger the originality of the band. The overall level is quite high, production, technique, composition, etc. I haven't seen the cover so I can't comment on that. I should probably also say that I'm not generally a big black metal fan, and in my view these guys are injecting some much needed new blood. 16USD or 17USD (row), the address is in the band section. SPIN CITY: This CD has been lying on my desk gathering dust for quite some time. I never was a black metal fan so I was a bit afraid to put this CD in my player. Well I finally played it and it has been in my CD player often since that first spin. Evemaster is T. Mykkanen (all music) and J Taskula (vocals) and to be more accurate they do not really play black metal. Evemaster is what I would call a dark metal band. The music is very heavy and atmospheric. The vocals are done in an aggressive way but they are never shrieking. They are more like brutally melodic. Some vocals are also done by a clean sounding voice. They use also a lot of synths and this gives the music a haunting atmosphere. Evemaster is a band that will appeal not only to black metal fans but also to other dark souls. (8 / 10) (Hair of the Wolf)