mid 1996: Label founded.
Main goal is to support underground metal in all possible forms.

late 1996: First release was "Dark Material" -mcd- by MYTHOS. Mailorder was started.

early 1998: Contract with magnificent dark metal band EVEMASTER.

mid 1998: EVEMASTER debut "Lacrimae Mundi" -cd- saw the light of day.

late 2000: Promising finnish metal act WATCH ME FALL inked a deal with KTOK. The year 2000 also brought an idea of a KTOK sublabel which concentrates on vinyl releases only. BAN SUN was born.

later 2000: Due to huge financial effort to WMF debut -cd- the BAN SUN releases got unfortunately delayed.

early 2001: The awesome WATCH ME FALL debut -cd- "Worn" was released.

early 2002: BAN SUN has been moved to background.

late 2002: Semilegendary doom act GOD FORSAKEN (R.I.P.) signed to KTOK for a mcd.

Mid 2003: Finnish long-going metalrockact MARY signed for a 7"ep. Includes 1st ever english MARY tracks.

late 2003: Old school metallers HELLBOX got a deal with KTOK Records. Awesome!

late(r) 2003 : MARY vs. MARY 7" released. First KTOK vinyl release, hooray!. HELLBOX:Sadisticlaw released! Hellrockin´ machine! I took the responsibility of updating the site. So, everything you see on the site is actually available.