MYTHOS:Dark Material -mcd-

MYTHOS is a band that I have heard a lot about without actually having heard them myself. After an album on EVIL OMEN they´re back with this mini-CD released by the new Finnish label KTOK Records (if they continue to release stuff like this one, it´s definitely a label to watch out for!). MYTHOS´ way of playing death metal really impresses me. Their music kinda have it all, it´s definitely heavy, it has some really fast parts, but it still has some truly catchy melodies stuffed on it. And as the production is absolutely perfect there is nothing to complain on. Too bad this one isn´t a full lenght album! If you wanna hear some really great death metal, you just gotta get this! (Thrashing Holocaust Mag.)


I thought these Finlanders had split-up, but here´s another CD of them, mini-CD to be exact. But the songs on this release are different from their "Pain Amplifier" CD. It´s more in the mid-tempo paced way-of-plaing with some grinding parts through it. But on the biggest part of this 20 minutes during release they play something which I would like to call catchy deathrock. It´s well played and has good production, but I´m not impressed of the vocals. (Master of Brutality)


I have learnt somethind tonight. If a great band goes crap they don´t have to stay that way forever. People who have read my writings before, may have noticed there is a Finnish demo from the year 1993 that means something special to me - "Moulded In Clay" by Mythos. Hell yes. Their debut album from 1995 was more like "Hell no". It was alright but it lacked the vigour, the vitriol, the damned hate from the demo... Bye-bye Mythos. Wait - hello Mythos! With "Dark Material" Mythos have pulled themselves together. A change in style has occured, understandably, but luckily not in the for today typical aggro metal way. This is death metal. Death metal with a difference but still nothing but death metal. Splendiferous. I cannot understand why I have heard so many give negative remarks about the vocals. Somebody please explain to me what is wrong with them! To mine ears they are beautiful. (Davhtvs)